About PSL

PSL was founded in September 1999 and operates throughout the UK, we also deliver training for clients in the US and Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

We are people and organisational development specialists, who work with all sizes of Business, Education, Healthcare and Public organisations.

We chose the words People, Strategy and Leadership to go with our logo because they define how we work and help our clients to develop their people and grow.

From your initial conversation with us and beyond, you’ll see that we put your priorities first, and work to achieve these following a working-together approach.

Andrew Griffiths is PSL’s Managing Director. He has proven track record and experience in corporate training and organisational design. He brings a strong skill set and passion for learning and people development.

What’s our passion?

Sharing knowledge, skills and tools that make people’s lives better through improving how they can perform in customer service, leadership, negotiation and sales situations.

What’s unique about PSL is that we are combining human psychology insights with all of our training with practical tools that can be used right away to make progress.

We understand that the only way to develop highly effective habits is through practice. This is why real, sustainable, learning and growth takes place through implementation, making mistakes, learning and achievement. Success drives belief and belief drives progress.

PSL training engages people and at the same time enables them to practice with what they are learning.

But there’s more.

Sometimes people don’t have the time to practice and unexpected events can arise. This is why we provide checklists that can be used to guide responses and decisions in stressful and unexpected situations. These are in mobile, desktop and paper format. And they are the game changers.