Exposing your people to positive motivational messages will impact on what they can achieve and do for themselves and your organisation.

When the human mind is filled with positive messages it becomes energised, smarter, more confident and creative.

Andrew Griffiths inspires people to meet their challenges with determination and discipline.  He uses compelling stories and delivers practical tools that people can use every day to impact positively on their mindset and performance.

Examples include:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • What great sales people do
  • Overcoming fear and failure
  • It’s hard to be human – how to get the best out of you and to get what you want
  • Playing the game of life and playing to win
  • How to make yourself employable

By using his own life experience, 30 years of research, learning and observations he delivers engaging training and coaching with humour, humility and helpful messages that anyone can benefit from no matter what their age, role or social circumstances.

Andrew has worked with hundreds of companies and organisations and thousands of people, he has real experience that helps clients to get what works and to avoid what doesn’t. His approach to everything he does is based on his overriding belief that “it’s truly amazing what people can achieve when they work together and where there’s a will there’s a way to succeed