Achieving Customer Service Excellence.

PSL work with all sectors, small and large organisations, delivering solutions that are tailored to fit their needs and constraints.

You will find that our approach is to work with you and your people at every stage of the process. This is what sets us apart.

Customer service is a certain way to improve the performance of your organisation or business.

What we do

  • Demonstrate best practice
  • Teach people how to deal with difficult situations
  • Improve communication on every level
  • Provide the tools that people need for delivering service excellence

You can choose from:

  1. In-house, on-site training
  2. Training for small or large numbers
  3. Short courses
  4. Ways of reaching people who cannot attend training sessions
  5. Customer Service Management training
  6. Train-the-trainer

Who we work for:

We train in Private and Public Sector organisations, Education, Healthcare, Small and Global Businesses.

What you will gain:

  • Better trained staff
  • Tools to make it sustainable
  • Measurable results and ways to keep making it happen

Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to hear from you and to help.

You can call us on +44 (0) 1952 201966 email us at or by using our contact form.