Negotiation Training.

  • For people who ‘have not’ been trained before
  • For people who could benefit from some more advanced training
  • For people who negotiate in situations that are challenging and stressful

All of our training is tailored to fit what is required – we can focus on a few specific areas or deliver a completely tailored solution.

What do we offer

  • Negotiation training for all roles
  • Best practice
  • Tailored training to your needs and sector
  • Commercial and people skills negotiation training
  • Negotiation training for performing in high stress situations

Who do we work for?

We train in Private and Public Sector organisations, small and global businesses.

Where do we work?

You can come to us near Birmingham, Cambridge, London or we will come to you wherever you are located in the UK. We also train for clients in the USA, Far East and across Europe.

What makes PSL negotiation training more beneficial?

  1. Learning and development specialists
  2. Professional negotiators deliver the training
  3. Building skills through learning and practice

What will you gain?

  • Skills and tools that make you improve at getting what you need
  • Simple tools and techniques for dealing with situations that are far from simple
  • Insights into human psychology that will build your confidence and ability to perform in stressful situations

You will be better prepared and skilled to negotiate with all types of people.

Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to hear from you and to help.

You can call us on +44 (0) 1952 201966 email us at or by using our contact form.