Sales training with a difference.

What do customers prefer, to be sold to or served?

This is why we train sales people in how they can use ‘service’ to build more trust. This approach is not just good for business its good for improving your reputation and protecting your margin as well.

Whether selling is seen as a career or a skill worth developing it is a key aspect of everyone’s role in life or business. Selling your ideas to others whether customers, colleagues or even your friends or children can be helpful sometimes.

Using the law of attraction and customer service gets better results than trying to sell.

“Boring sales training is a waste of my time”.

This is the challenge for many businesses when it comes to developing their sales team.

We understand this challenge and it is exactly why we have developed training that is different in content and delivery.

  1. We make people think
  2. Reveal strengths and weaknesses
  3. Demonstrate new and better ways of working to get buy-in
  4. Provide tools that can be used right away to drive growth in sales

We work with new sales people, non-sales people who need some ‘sales’ skills and experienced sales people as well. Adapting our approach and customising the training so that it is at the right level for the audience.

Typically we facilitate either day courses (1,2 or 3 days maximum) or development programs over short time periods.

Whatever you require we will be pleased to discuss how we can help.

You can call us on 0800 634 3399 or email us at or by using our contact form.