The biggest challenges our clients face are:

  • Making their people available for training.
  • Ensuring that the training is going to work.
  • Measuring the results to demonstrate effectiveness to who they need to.

We understand these challenges and have worked tirelessly to overcome them.

Customer service training that works:

  • A – course or programme that fits your business.
  • B – executed effectively so that your people are engaged and inspired.
  • C – outcome focused.

Customer service training tailored to fit your needs

Being outcome focused means:

  1. Return on investment.
  2. Changing to or improving the right behaviours.
  3. Delivering the learning, skills and tools that your people need.

We provide training that not only teaches people about themselves and others, it delivers the tools that they need.

Dealing with memory loss and developing talent.

Have you ever heard a good joke or story and forgotten it a few days later?

This is why we have developed ways to help people recall and use their training to develop effective habits. This is a fundamental part to the way we deliver training and development.


Stress affects the way we as people, think, feel and behave. Sometimes in good and bad ways. This is why we have developed checklists for your people’s guidance, refreshing their learning and empowering their skills, especially when they are in challenging situations.

These are in the form of Desktop Toolkits, A5 size, Credit Card Size and Phone APPs that people can use when accomplishing a task or dealing with a challenging situation.

Giving people the skills and the tools is what differentiates us.

We invest in your project

If you choose PSL you will find that we will listen to you, understand your business and situation and work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes in the time available.

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