We have the expertise to help your people to learn and be better prepared for their daily challenges in sales, customer service, people management or negotiation situations.


PSL training includes:

  1. One, two or three-day courses
  2. Workshops on specific topics
  3. Development programs over a period of time
  4. Coaching for managers, sales people and executives
  5. In-house training or off-site training
  6. Case studies and simulations designed to fit your business

Our blended learning includes:

  • On-line and distance learning
  • Toolkits for customer service, sales, managers and negotiators
  • Toolkits for soft skills training, improving decision making and communications
  • Checklists for enabling instant knowledge recall and managing emotions
  • The PSL stop button
  • APPS

People are busy so making time for learning is a challenge that we recognise, which is why we have been developing and will continue to pursue ways of learning that make it easier for people within their organisations.

Because people have different learning styles or preferences we adapt our training to accommodate this important need.

Our mission is to help people to achieve their potential, to engage and inspire them with what’s possible, then to support them with practical ways in which they recall what they have learnt, manage their personality styles or natural tendencies whilst they perform better; especially in situations where confidence coupled with good decision making is needed.

For more information you can call or email us, we are here to help.