PSL’s consultative selling training will be customised to fit your people, products or services.

A truly consultative approach to selling has the potential to develop more trust and solutions that better fit your client’s or customer’s real needs.

Many industries can benefit from this type of solution selling approach.

When consultative selling is done well:

  • Customers have more confidence
  • Solutions better fit their needs
  • Relationships improve and last longer
  • Value is increased potentially for the buyer and seller
  • Further opportunities may emerge
  • Time may be saved and conversion ratios may improve
  • The sales cycle time may increase or reduce, which may benefit both the seller and buyer

A repeatable process for:

  • Having a clear sense of direction and purpose for each stage of the journey
  • Working with your customers
  • Really understanding customer needs
  • Better understanding what and who can influence the selling and buying process
  • Preventing the destruction of margin or value through negotiating too soon
  • Selling, presenting, questioning and listening at the right times
  • Using our QLS and ALS tools to increase skills, confidence and effectiveness
  • Improving proposals and quotations
  • Working effectively with others (internally or at customer sites) to help people make the right choices at the right time
  • Closing the deal at the right time and in the right way


“Never fire your ammunition until the target is in sight”

“Avoid guessing and selling what the customer does not really see themselves using or being happy to own, recommend and pay for”

The psychology of selling

  • Understand how people make decisions – this may be a revelation
  • Make objections a more manageable part of the sales journey
  • Deal with the three types of customer (controller who directs, partner who wants a relationship, patient or client who wants your help. NB people can change from one to another)
  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions
  • See price objections in a new way
  • Gain insights to your sales strengths, to play to and weaknesses to manage
  • Learn how to influence people you need onside and cannot get to see
  • See how to differentiate your proposals and quotations to make them more appealing and easy to read

Stressful situations can affect:

  • Self confidence
  • Motivation, ownership and responsibility
  • Communication – its affect and effectiveness
  • The skill of turning can’t do situations into can-do, objection and problem handling
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • The price you achieve and the lifetime ownership value or return on investment that your customers obtain

This is why we provide knowledge and tools

Powerful tools that have the potential to help your people manage their nerve, make better decisions and react in smarter ways.

Help your people to see how to make smarter decisions and your customers to feel more confident in their recommendations and sales will increase.

For more information you can call or email us, we are here to help.