Sales training that fits your objectives

This is exactly what you can expect from PSL. We teach people to sell in consultative ways and that’s what you will experience from us.

We will want to understand your requirements and to deliver that. We will be honest with you about what we can deliver and we always want to deliver the best value for money and results we can.

Driving and Delivering Growth

The reality of sales is that your numbers (and for some good companies the quality of your customer relationships) are what matter most.

Having a consistent way of working (that has some flexibility to situations and people needs) is a certain way of helping your team to understand what parts of the sales process they do well, and what they can do better.

Driving change


There’s no substitute for action. Selling is a verbal contact exercise, supported or distracted by other activities. The more time your people invest in this, the more they will sell.


Without this sales people are not going to succeed. But people are different, we understand this better than most and adapt our training so that we enable people to be driven but in ways that suit their biases and personality.


Is as important as ability, because interaction with your customers create outcomes that your people need to own. Sales can be easily lost because someone fails to follow-up or communicate the right information at the right time and in the right way. Customer relationships and future business opportunities can be put at risk because of poor ‘pre and post’ sales experiences for your customers.


Selling should be enjoyable and played well, building talent depends on repetitive practice to develop the inner game of highly effective selling.

If you drive a car you will know that you do this mostly without conscious thinking. Learning to drive or better still trying to teach someone to drive, demonstrates just how complex this task is.

For many selling is much more complex than driving. This is why we have developed ways to make it easier for sales teams to play the game well, to deal with difficult situations and buying tactics in calmer more helpful ways. Your people need to build trust and confidence, to play the game well and follow-up with your customers and prospects even when they don’t want to. We can help them to overcome their challenges and see how to do this.


How well your people use their time and manage their distractions will have a direct impact on the results that they deliver. Helping them to be more efficient and effective with simple time saving and mind management techniques could have the biggest positive impact on their behaviour and performance this year.

Timing is a critical part of the sales process, it can mean the difference between winning and losing a sale or relationship.

Driving with the right questions

Questions can change everything. If you are not getting the right results, as someone once said, it’s because you are not asking the right questions.

Engage PSL and learn about QLS which means using one of the most effective questioning skills for sales people at all levels of ability and experience.

QLS fundamental, for supporting sales performance

QLS advanced, for experienced sales professionals

QLS creation, for enabling better understanding, positioning and outcomes in negotiation situations

Making it easier for people to win more and more complex sales opportunities.