PSL’s consultative selling training will be customised to fit your people, products or services. This has greater relevance and easier to accomplish winning more sales.

From understanding the structure or process of a sales conversation to meeting or exceeding customer expectations, PSL training provides the tools that your people can use to differentiate and position themselves to gain more trust and sales.

The only way to develop talent is through practice. Which is why we provide the ways to practice over time and the tools to use now. These act as guidance and the way to remember best practice when under pressure, leading to less mistakes and better performance.

A repeatable process to doing more and better business.

  • Listening then ask the right questions at the right time
  • Managing emotions to execute and perform when under pressure
  • Really understanding and developing customer needs, organisational challenges and drivers for and obstacles to change
  • Selling and negotiating at the right times to prevent the destruction of margin or value
  • Using our QLS tools to create competitive advantage
  • Effective proposal or quotation best practice
  • Working effectively with others (internally or at customer sites) to help people make the right choices at the right time

Business Benefits of the Consultative Selling Training Program

  • Value and revenue growth
  • Reducing losses through improving close ratios
  • Time and mistake cost savings
  • Better team-working, use and leverage of resources
  • Reduction in sales cycle-time (or lengthening in the right situations to avoid mistakes)
  • Executing in better ways to win both small and larger opportunities

More information

  • Understand why people behave and make decisions in certain ways
  • Overcome psychological biases and ‘instant reactions’ on price for example
  • Gain insights to your sales strengths, to play to and weaknesses to manage
  • Learn how to communicate with decision influencers you cannot get to
  • Learn how to differentiate your proposals, for the better with your customers

Of course, there’s a lot more to it. But what matters most is that we will work with you and your people to deliver the type, style and content of training that they need.

For more information you can call or email us, we are here to help.