Handling difficult people and situations

Published on December 19, 2019 7:08 am

PSL training in how to handle challenging people and situations

We understand how to engage and train employees in this most critical of skills. Improving how well your people can deal with difficult people or situations, will have a positive impact on their confidence and performance.

How much time are ‘people or situation problems’ costing your business or organisation?

PSL’s training will be customised to make it most relevant to the types of situations your people have to deal with.

Human insights and positive psychology

When your people have a better understanding of themselves and others, you will empower them.

This is a game changer that helps people to manage themselves better in order to influence others more positively.

Communication skills

When your people have a better understanding of effective communication (verbal and non-verbal) again you will empower them.

This enables them to be more focused – people can only do one thing brilliantly and this is why ‘customer service’ is at risk when people try and rush or multi-task.

Product (outcome) and process goals

When your people know what they need to achieve and can literally see how to do so, they start from the most empowered of positions.

Having structure, a simple road map improves confidence and decision making. This in turn improves outcomes. It also helps to manage risk.

Business benefits

  • Better equipped employees making the right decisions
  • Better customer relationships
  • Less time wasted on frustrating, debilitating issues
  • A healthier more productive workforce

Of course, there’s a lot more to it. But what matters most is that we will work with you and your people to deliver the type, style and content of training that they need.