The challenges

Some of the challenges we see consistently include:

  • Employees struggling with change.
  • Investment in technical skills but little or non in soft skills.
  • Customers challenging price and value.
  • Competitors being more entreprenurial.
  • Focusing on technical solutions rather than what customers want.
  • Driving profitable growth in challenging markets and regions.
  • Maximising utilisation.
  • Customers gaining discounts, free support, parts and warranty claims.
  • Service reports and emails not demonstrating best value.
  • Demanding time-frames and customers.
  • Employees being reactive and not always considering opportunities for growth or the impact of what they say and do.

This training is designed to address these issues and give people the skills and tools to use again and again.

For more information you can contact us, we are there to help.

Who do we train?

  • Customer support staff
  • Field service engineers
  • Back-office customer support
  • Technical support teams
  • Contract managers
  • Contract renewals people
  • Project managers
  • Sales support roles
  • Service business managers and operations leaders
  • Account managers working with service

Soft skills training that improves customer relationships and drives growth in sales leads and conversions. An investment in your people and future success.

Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to hear from you and to discuss how we can help.

We really do tailor the training

So that is relevant, rewarding and effective for everyone.

  • Define best practice
  • Discuss it (involve people)
  • Do something with it (learn by listening, watching and doing)
  • Develop the learning through feedback (two-way)
  • Deploy the learning (provide the tools for on the job learning and practice)

What does it deliver?

  • Bespoke soft skills training, tailored to the business, region, team and individuals on the courses.
  • Employees feeling invested in.
  • Motivational training that helps with retaining good people. Personal development training that can be used both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • A toolkit of models for accessing best practice and tools for handling difficult situations.
  • Many times return on investment.

This is a 2 day course which includes case studies and exercises to help people share their experience, see learning opportunities and gain valuable feedback.

You can also gain feedback on talent recognition and challenges that can be very useful for the business, succession planning, staff retention and development.