The impact of complaints

PSL specialise in training that is tailored to fit your needs.

  • On-site
  • On-line or webinars
  • Workshops or day courses

PSL training will fit your people and your needs.

Improving complaint handling is a certain way to:

  • Reduce your costs and lost opportunities
  • Support your employees
  • Reduce stress levels and struggle for your customers and employees
  • Improve your customer satisfaction scores
  • Support your share price through reputation and service driving growth

When things go wrong customers blame the brand and this always has wider consequences, even the potential of reducing the share price of some companies.

Train your people in how to deal with complaints and you will not only improve how they perform, you will improve their lives and the value of your organisation as well.

  • Teach them how to follow the right process
  • Make escalations stop
  • Use customer feedback to improve your relationships with them

Train your employees in how to communicate effectively and combine this with people skills and they and your customers will thank you.

Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to hear from you and to discuss how we can help.

We really do tailor the training

So that is relevant, rewarding and effective for everyone.

  • Define best practice
  • Discuss it (involve people)
  • Do something with it (learn by listening, watching and doing)
  • Develop the learning through feedback (two-way)
  • Deploy the learning (provide the tools for on the job learning and practice)

Attitude is everything

Customers are very perceptive and it’s the attitude of your business that they remember.

  • Helpful or unhelpful
  • Considerate or arrogant
  • Ownership or it’s not my job
  • We can or we can’t
  • Confident or afraid

You will have seen these and many other examples yourself.

  • Ego is the enemy
  • Beliefs and expectations drive behaviour
  • People make assumptions and judgements about each other very quickly

Change the game

Give your people PSL tools so that they can better manage their attitudes and the risks to your business.

Train them how to build rapport and trust

These techniques can save a lot of time and frustration for everyone.

Give them the process to follow

We can quickly help you design a process that’s right for your business.

We can train your employees and get buy-in.

Here’s some examples to remember

  1. Your attitude influences their response
  2. Everyone wants to feel valued, status is important to people (in different ways)
  3. Listen first, don’t solve, until the other person knows that you understand them!
  4. If you are overcome with emotion, you will be of little use to the other person or yourself
  5. If you look or sound like you are expecting a fight, you will get a fight!
  6. Remember the details. The more you are genuinely interested in the conversation, the more your customers are likely to appreciate it
  7. Take notes, you need them, our memory is not as reliable as we may think
  8. Earn their respect (be good at what you do, calm and considerate)
  9. Customers don’t choose to be loyal (either they feel it or they don’t)
  10. You make the difference

We can quickly design a course to fit your requirements and bring valuable insights that you can use now.