How much do you value your brand?

The problem is that when things go wrong or not the way that they expect, customers tend to blame the brand and not the employees or process responsible.

  • Train your people how to deal with difficult people and situations and you will not only improve how they perform, you will improve their lives as well.
  • Teach them how to follow the right process and your complaints and escalations will plummet.
  • Train them how to communicate more effectively and combine this with people skills and they will thank you.

What’s different?

With PSL it’s all about people insights and people skills – here’s a few

  • Your attitude influences their response
  • If you look or sound like you are expecting a fight, you will get a fight!
  • Everyone wants to feel valued, status is important to people (in different ways)
  • Listen first, don’t solve, until the other person knows that you understand them!
  • People love talking about themselves
  • A thank you helps (a bit more than a thank you is better)
  • If you are overcome with emotion, you will be of little use to the other person or yourself
  • Not everyone wants help
  • Customers don’t choose to be loyal (either they feel it or they don’t)
  • Remember the details. The more you are genuinely interested in the conversation, the more your customers are likely to appreciate it
  • Take notes, you need them, our memory is not as reliable as we may think
  • Earn their respect (be good at what you do, calm and considerate)
  • Don’t be scared to admit your mistakes. If we can’t admit a mistake we come across as defensive
  • Don’t tell or imply that customers are wrong, even if they are.

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