How do you want your business to be perceived?

Some businesses are seen as cold and simply not interested in helping their customers.

The problem is that customers tend to blame the brand name and not the employees and processes responsible.

Four reasons why businesses succeed or fail.

  1. The proposition.
  2. The people.
  3. The processes.
  4. The profits.

We specialise in developing reasons 2 and 3 to improve 1 and 4.

Our mission is to inspire and train people.

This alone is not enough.  This is why we provide the tools to make practice and the formation of good habits possible

People tend to react rather than think

This model demonstrates how the human mind works using 3 systems.

  1. People tend to react rather than think
  2. Emotion is more powerful than logic
  3. Your guidance is much faster than you are

People tend to react rather than think and this is because the fight or flight survival or guidance system is in control.

Sometimes people find themselves in situations that will affect their performance. This is because the mind is so powerful and persuasive.

Teach people how to cope and you will not only improve how they perform, you will improve their lives as well.

Develop helpful auto-pilot reactions from their guidance systems and you will have a sustainable way of driving service in the right ways. We can show you how to do this.

How to improve customer service

  1. Improve your employees guidance systems.
  2. Give your employees tools to manage their mind and levels of stress.
  3. Develop their positive reaction capabilities.
  4. Teach them people skills and your complaints and costs will fall

We can quickly design a course to fit your requirements.

This is how we can help

Train your employees and get people working better together. Provide the tools and processes to make this sustainable.

PSL brings valuable insights and external perspectives that you can use, with the desire to make the solution fit your business.

If you choose PSL we will work with you and your people to deliver the type, style and content of training that they need.

What’s next

We can help you to build high performing teams. It all starts with a discussion and we will be pleased to hear from you.