What you can expect

  1. Having the skills to engage and connect with an audience is more important than the content.
  2. Following-up after the training and practicing with the tools and skills is the only way to develop talent. This is why we help clients with the tools to do this, even when they are short on time.
  3. Demonstrating your commitment to the training is essential. Tick-the-box training has a value, doing it well is more rewarding for everyone.
  4. Best practice, when its valued is a game changer. PSL is a game changer.

PSL training includes:

  1. One, two or three-day courses
  2. Workshops on specific topics
  3. Development programs over a period of time
  4. Coaching for managers, sales people and executives
  5. In-house training or off-site training
  6. Case studies and simulations designed to fit your business

Our blended learning includes:

  • On-line and distance learning
  • Toolkits for customer service, sales, managers and negotiators
  • Toolkits for soft skills training, improving decision making and communications
  • Checklists for enabling instant knowledge recall and managing emotions

People are busy so making time for learning is a challenge that we recognise, which is why we have been developing and will continue to pursue ways of learning that make it easier for people within their organisations.

What it takes to make this work

Preparation and recommendations (this is so important)

  1. Management support and guidance, so that the training is adapted to fit their business
  2. Management attendance at the training so that they understand it and can use it too
  3. Excellent communication
  4. Please don’t ‘over-sell’ the training to your employees. When they are surprised by how useful it is they engage better.

Training days

  1. Inspiring your employees with training they can use
  2. Flexibility – adapting the training to the audience
  3. Challenge – safely outside their comfort zones and learning
  4. A working together approach so that experience is shared
  5. Feedback to individuals that helps them to think and grow

Making your employees feel invested in

  1. Improving their soft skills (people skills, communication skills, decision making skills, stress management skills etc)
  2. Training they can use outside of work as well
  3. Making them feel valued throughout the experience

Practical support

  1. Team building activities
  2. Learning by doing, listening, observing and thinking
  3. Make it enjoyable
  4. Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach
  5. Training room and break-out room so that we can split the audience into teams to do tasks and exercises
  6. 2 flip charts (and a projector would be good but not essential)
  7. Management sign off of the tasks and case studies
  8. A less is more approach to training with the tools to embed and grow the learning after the course.

Our mission is to help people to achieve their potential, to engage and inspire them with what’s possible, then to support them with practical ways in which they recall what they have learnt, manage their personality styles or natural tendencies whilst they perform better; especially in situations where confidence coupled with good decision making is needed.

For more information you can call or email us, we are here to help.