Critical thinking is the ability to:

  • Think analytically
  • Create the time to think (especially when you think you have no time)
  • Manage your emotions and use evidence to make decisions

Creative thinking is the ability to:

  • Free your mind
  • Relax and play to get your mind working
  • Release your thoughts and ideas (without judgement)

Combining critical and creative thinking can be powerful

Independently they can be helpful and dangerous which is a paradox.

We will train you how to:

  • Improve strategies, processes, productivity and performance
  • Ask the right questions, at the right time and in the right way
  • Manage your mind and ego, how to¬†use your mind to make better decisions
  • Communicate your problems, challenges, ideas and thoughts effectively
  • Change what people care about and focus on
  • Understand why persuasion just doesn’t work in the long term and can be costly
  • Manage and lower the risks for yourself and your business and think strategically, how to test your decisions and prevent potentially damaging your career
  • Manage time, yourself and others in meetings or situations that require thought
  • Maintain time to think as part of your most important tasks every day
  • Work well with others, whether you like them, trust them or you don’t
  • How to get people engaged with change, people and process improvement
  • How to ignore unhelpful reactions, capture everyone’s input and develop better solutions or outcomes
  • Show some courage when its needed and to take intelligent risks to help yourself, others and your company
  • You have more power than you think if you – think and don’t over-think, work well with others and communicate effectively

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills that you can develop in your career.

Our training is typically over run over one day or in short workshops that are designed to fit your needs, business and situation.

You will take away practical tools that you can implement immediately and keep using to make better decisions.