We specialise in tailored communication skills training, short workshops that deliver lasting results.

If you invest in communication skills training with us we will help you achieve transformational results.

  • Communicating effectively (verbally) and (in writing) with what you need.
  • Effective emails.
  • Handling conflict, difficult people and high stress situations.
  • Insights and people skills.
  • Leading people, leading negotiations, leading sales.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Understanding and using body language.
  • Verbal communication.
  • Winning more proposals, quotations and bids.

When under pressure people need guidance tools, checklists – these enable performance. This is why we take a practical approach to improving skills.

Hidden costs

If you could eliminate the waste that poor communication creates in your business – what could you do with this time and money?

  • If your employees could be more productive?
  • If your presentations could be more persuasive?
  • If your teams could work more effectively together?
  • If your meetings could be more efficient and effective?
  • If your internal and external customers could receive a higher standard of service?
  • What would these mean to your business?

Our guarantee

  1. You will receive training that has been built for your business and your people.
  2. You will receive the skills and confidence building tools needed.
  3. You will gain a many times return on investment by implementing our training and tools.
  4. Your people will value what we deliver.
  5. We will be prepared and delivering a fully interactive experience.
  6. We will deliver practical, effective tools that your people can use now and your managers can use to keep them practicing.