Making it fun and surprisingly valuable

Engagement is created through the discussion, activity challenges and the feedback that follows.

  • Learning by thinking, doing, sharing and implementation.
  • A degree of humour, storytelling and entertainment also helps.
  • We believe that the value is created in the discussion not the materials.
  • The PSL approach is to be more humble.

You will find when working with Andrew Griffiths he will share more about his mistakes and the learning from these than his successes. It’s different.

How we build the training to fit

What happens after the training?

Practice is the only way to mastery. This is why we give people the tools to enable them.

The most valuable learning and change happens through implementation.

Enabling good change is what we are about.

It’s also really helpful when managers and team leaders have been involved in the training. This is because they can use the learning in a consistent way to help their teams and themselves.

Just about everyone who attends our courses values the life skills they gain.

The following PDF includes a sample of content. We will build your customer service training to fit your business and people.

This tells our story.

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