Why do this?

Training your employees in how to manage the effects of pressure and stress is a certain way of improving their performance and their lives.

  1. Teaching people how to manage stress is always appreciated by employees, it makes them feel valued and more motivated.
  2. These soft skills deliver hard business results. From improving performance to customer service and profitable growth.
  3. This will reduce your costs and add value to your business.

The most forward thinking companies take this seriously and find ways to support and enable their people.

We have seen this through the training we have delivered globally and to thousands of people.

Managing instead of avoiding talking about stress

This is a topic that’s just as relevant for high achievers as it is for those who are struggling.

This is because bad stress costs and the effects can grow.

Some pressure enables performance – understanding how to cope with pressure is a powerful skill.

  • The ability to handle pressure is not the same for everyone.
  • The brain pays more attention to threats.
  • Whether a situation is good or bad depends on what your needs are – the brain is not so good at suppressing bad news.
  • Learning to change how your mind interprets situations will improve your life.

What you can expect

  • Valuable insights about how your own mind works.
  • Training that is inspirational.
  • Practical tools for handling stress and improving the quality of your life.

PSL stress and pressure management training is typically run as half day workshops.

Call or email us for more information on how we can help your team. The process starts with an initial conversation and this is always without obligation or cost.