Training content

The following PDF includes a sample of content. We will build your content to fit your business and people.

Develop your skills, tactics and strategies

  • Learn from a professional negotiator
  • Understand the psychology in negotiating (what’s really happening)
  • Gain structure to guide your thinking and approach
  • Learn how to strengthen your position, gain influence, leverage and recognition
  • Understand new ways to build trust, new ways to defuse tricks and tactics
  • See the difference asking the right questions makes
  • Make your problem solving approaches game changers
  • Learn valuable insights about persuasion, making and closing deals
  • Understand how to use different types of agreements
  • Experience negotiation simulations that will teach you new ways of negotiating

What your business could gain

  • Better negotiation skills
  • Reducing the cost of doing business and lost opportunities
  • Tools your competitors may not have

What’s our training like?

Our guarantee

  1. You will receive training that has been built for your business and your people.
  2. You will receive the skills and confidence building tools needed.
  3. You will gain a many times return on investment by implementing our training and tools.
  4. Your people will value what we deliver.
  5. We will be prepared and delivering a fully interactive experience.
  6. We will deliver practical, effective tools that your people can use now (and your managers can use to keep them practicing).


  • Training for one or many people
  • Free initial consultations to see if we are a good fit or not
  • Carry out a pilot exercise if you wish to test us and your people
  • One or two day courses (as a maximum)
  • Follow-up training as part of program of development over time
  • Training on site or at a location of your choice
  • The options to include on-line and follow-up ways of learning
  • Self-directed learning materials

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