Tailored online training by PSL

Customer service. leadership and management, negotiation, sales and soft skills training delivered online. This means getting a course, advice and recommendations to fit your needs.

There’s no doubt about it that online training has a good place in the learning and development world.

Making this approach more personalised

This means delivering outcomes that are truly valuable to the individuals and businesses that we serve.

  • When lockdowns are lifted new challenges and opportunities will emerge.
  • PSL will provide training and support to help our clients take advantage of these.
  • Andrew Griffiths says “that the majority of employees will still need employer organised coaching and training to improve. This worldwide pandemic is going to change how businesses operate and their people will need help to adjust and cope with this. Those businesses that support their employees will have the advantage. This is because their employees, especially the best ones will feel more valued and less likely to want to leave.

Small numbers, global reach

Where an instructor teaches a small number of people logged in with PSL there is the opportunity for discussion and sharing. One benefit of this over a less dynamic form of training is how people feel when they walk away and how much better equipped they are to deploy the learning.

Our employer programs can be customised to fit the business and their employees. You can still reach large numbers of people but in a more personalised way.

For more information you can call or email us, we will be happy to help.

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Building better teams

Better at customer service

Better at managing people

Better at negotiating

Better at sales

Better at managing stress