What your business will gain

  • Better strategies and negotiation skills from practicing
  • Tools others do not have or remember to use
  • Structure to guide you through challenging situations
  • Training that’s proven
  • Reduce the cost of doing business and lost opportunities
  • Ways to protect your business from foolish, wise and poor practice

Whatever your requirements we will be pleased to hear from you and to discuss how we can help.

We really do tailor the training

So that is relevant, rewarding and effective for everyone.

  • Define best practice
  • Discuss it (involve people)
  • Do something with it (learn by listening, watching and doing)
  • Develop the learning through feedback (two-way)
  • Deploy the learning (provide the tools for on the job learning and practice)

For more information you can contact us, we are there to help.

Structure to guide your decisions

  • Avoid negotiating too soon and destroying value for you and your customers.
  • Be better prepared for what you will come against.
  • Make more informed decisions.

Communication insights

  • How to take intelligent risks
  • The different ways in which people communicate without knowing they are doing so
  • Questions to ask and to avoid
  • Ways to improve how you communicate under pressure

Learn about yourself and others

  • Understand how to build a ‘stable platform’ to negotiate from.
  • How to get the best out of you and others.
  • What you really need to manage.
  • What you need to have with you at all times.

How people make decisions

  • Seeing is believing. Which means if I can’t see it, I may not believe it.
  • What people say and what people mean are not always the same.
  • What people hear and what people really mean to communicate are rarely the same!

Overcome the obstacles that you will come up against

  • Learn from a professional negotiator
  • Understand the psychology in negotiating (what’s really happening)
  • Gain structure to guide your thinking and approach
  • Learn how to strengthen your position, gain influence, leverage and recognition
  • Understand new ways to build trust, new ways to defuse tricks and tactics
  • See the difference asking the right questions makes
  • Make your problem solving approaches game changers
  • Learn valuable insights about persuasion, making and closing deals
  • Understand how to use different types of agreements
  • Experience negotiation simulations that will teach you new ways of negotiating