Sales Training For Account Managers

PSL specialise in training that is tailored to fit your needs.

  • On-site
  • On-line or webinars
  • Workshops or day courses

PSL training will fit your people and your needs.

  1. Remove the risk of getting it wrong
  2. Deliver many times more return on investment
  3. Cost less in many instances than an off-the-shelf course
  4. Make your people feel more valued and invested in
  5. Achieve the value for money that you will be able to demonstrate

Working with PSL means achieving your objectives in the most accurate and affordable ways.

About us

We were founded in 1999 and have a track record of success in serving Global Brands, Small and Large organisations.

We offer highly effective training for large and small teams.

An approach that fits your needs

  1. Fixed costs and no up-front fees
  2. Gain a trial if you wish to start here
  3. Free advice and support before you start
  4. A flexible programme or workshops that make it easier to release your team
  5. Proven training that works in your sector
  6. Gain tools that make it easy for your people to practice what they have learned.
  7. Training face to face or by webinar, available throughout the UK and globally

Contact us for more information we are here to help.

Gain the skills to do this effectively


  • A consultative approach to selling in smarter ways
  • Effective activity and account plans
  • Higher performing teams
  • Increase conversions rations
  • Negotiate better deals
  • Sales training that’s at the level your people needs and can cope with
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Tools that you can use to drive growth now and in the future
  • Ways to grow and better manage your accounts to lock out competitors

Move to value selling

We sell in the same way that we coach others

Find out how we can help your team to grow your business.