Confidence comes from being prepared

Having a clear structure to follow means that sales people can assess where they are in the process and what they need to do next.

Sales managers or colleagues can also support through a discussion around this model.

Being human is a challenge

This is because our natural instincts drive us to rush the process to:

  • Make assumptions
  • Miss key facts
  • Misunderstand customer needs and objectives
  • Collect insufficient information

When it comes to issues about money

This is particularly relevant at this time following COVID-19

  • Money tends to flow where return on investment is clear, desirable and credible. Which our training will deliver.
  • Making decisions based upon insufficient information is a challenge for the seller and the buyer. This is why the sales person needs to lead the conversation in a way that reveals the key facts above and below the line.
  • We will train your sales people how to do this.

Common mistakes you don’t have to make

This simple checklist acts as a guide for salespeople to keep themselves in check, to ask more and better questions, listen more and take more notes.

Improve your understanding

The way customers buy may vary. However, there is a psychological process that we tend to go through when we are buying ourselves and what follows describes this.

Train your salespeople how to use this and they will become more valuable to their customers and helpful in supporting their buying decisions.

Consider communication styles and methods