Selling is stressful, exciting and rewarding.

The level of stress and excitement that your sales people experience will vary, this affects their ability to perform.

When they have a robust simple sales process this will give them the foundations for their confidence and abilities.

The sales process

  • First impressions – building rapport and trust
  • Fact-finding – asking the right questions, active listening
  • Designing solutions – how you know you are right (or wrong)
  • Presenting solutions – selling to customer objectives not yours
  • Closing the deal – right way, time, people, outcome

Serving customers first

Supporting the sales process with

  • Filling your pipeline – with enough prospects at the right stages for closing
  • Preparation – doing enough to win the first step
  • Breaking the ice – using empathy
  • Getting commitments – anchoring the sales process
  • Testing solutions – avoiding quotation blindness
  • Negotiating – learn how to avoid assumptions and negotiate at the right time in the right way
  • Commitment to actions agreed – keeping customers
  • Measuring value – earning referrals for refilling your pipeline

Become an exceptional listener

How we can help

Learn how you can improve your sales process and win more deals.

Learn about the buying or buy-in process that customer go through and how to use this.

Learn about pace, when to slow down and when to speed up so that customer go with you.

See how you can change your presentations to convert more opportunities (or reduce lost opportunity costs depending on how you look at this).

Understand when the time is right to close at the right time in the right way.

Negotiate at the right times to protect the value in the deal for you and your customers.

Change the way proposals or quotations are presented so that you control the sales process (not the customer) to win more deals.

Build more trust, repeat business and referrals by following through on your promises on time and in the best ways.

Seeing is believing

Learn how to develop and position your value proposition.