Who We Are

Who we are

Andrew Griffiths (MD) using his own life experience, 30 years of research, learning and observations delivers engaging training and coaching with humour, humility and helpful messages that anyone can benefit from no matter what their age, role or social circumstances.

Andrew has worked with hundreds of companies and organisations and thousands of people, he has real experience that helps clients to get what works and to avoid what doesn’t. His approach to everything he does is based on his overriding belief that “it’s truly amazing what people can achieve when they work together and where there’s a will there’s a way to succeed”.


Our purpose

Improve customer service
Improve leadership
Improve negotiation and sales skills
Deliver training that helps people to improve their 'soft skills' to be more confident, calmer, happier and capable.

Our principles

Our training Our training
  • Make it relevant accessible and empowering for people at an individual level.
  • Challenge appropriately and give empowering feedback.
  • Value people and train them in safe, inspiring and enjoyable ways.
Your people Your people
  • Tend to over-estimate their communication skills.
  • Need checklists to guide them when they are under pressure.
  • They are your brand, develop them continuously and your organisation will thrive.
Our mission Our mission
  • Learn and improve continuously.
  • Make organisations and the world better.
  • Understand first, think, then create solutions - through working with people.
  • Deliver many times more value than the fees we charge.
  • Share empowering knowledge with children and others less fortunate.

PSL training is insightful and delivers practical skills and tools that people can use to perform better in their work and personal lives as well.