Welcome to PSL Training

PSL is a management consulting, training and outsourcing company. We work with all sectors, small and large organisations, delivering solutions that are tailored to fit their needs and constraints.

You will find that our approach is to work with you and your people at every stage of the process. This is what sets us apart.

Customer Centric Training

How well you value your customers and develop the skills you deploy has a direct impact on your ability to compete and succeed in your economic and sustainable growth.

Communication skills

People and their performance are dependent upon effective communication. Developing this skill is a worthwhile investment that will bring rewards to you and your organisation.

Emotional intelligence

Everyone has a level of emotional intelligence, from understanding how we feel to recognising emotions in others. Developing your knowledge and skills in this area will help you to get more done, to get the best out of yourself and others.


In its simplest description leadership is about influencing people so that they go in the direction and deliver the results that you want them to. Leadership is dependent on managing yourself. Everyone uses leadership skills (often unknowingly for the good of others) and eveyone has the opportunity to be a positive influence, from making someone’s day better to helping them to achieve the desired results and their potential.

People development

Effectiveness in this area is about being organised, motivated and focused on helping your people to learn and grow, either through your help, engaging the services of others and all affordable methods of learning. When you’re short on resources it’s dependent on being innovative.

Relationship skills

The skill and desire to develop positive and professional working relationships is essential. These relationships not only include those with whom you work directly but also with people who can help you, people inside and outside of the organisation. The ability work together and to help people to work together, responsively and responsibly is worth developing. “It’s truly amazing what people can achieve when they work together”.