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PSL works with some of the worlds best brands delivering training and solutions that enable growth.

Customer service

PSL customer service training is a game changer – a way of giving your business or organisation a competitive advantage. By delivering better outcomes for your customers you can achieve growth. Customer expectations are critical – we can help your people to react in smarter and more helpful ways to customer needs. The skills they will gain will make your customers feel more valued and better served at your organisation.


PSL leadership and management training is a way of helping your supervisors, team leaders, managers of managers and department heads to get the best out of themselves and the people that they lead. From understanding the fundamentals of management to how to get good outcomes from difficult conversations and lead a high performing team having better managers will deliver cost savings, efficiency improvements and growth for your business.

Negotiation skills

PSL negotiation training is a way of giving your people skills, strategies and tools that they can use right away to negotiate better outcomes for your business. The ability to negotiate in situations that are stressful – valuable to relationships, to contracts, to manage risk or achieve success is an essential skill in today’s world. Negotiating better through having a clear structure, ways to keep a cool head, communicate and influence persuasively are what your people will gain from working with us.

Sales skills

PSL develops sales people at all levels of ability and experience. We offer solutions that enable people to increase sales. Through carefully tailored foundation, intermediate or advanced level sales training and coaching, PSL’s approach works to drive growth and progress. If your people are highly experienced they will gain new insights and valuable perspectives, if they are relatively new to sales, they will gain confidence and ability. If the best sports people have to engage with training, the same can be said for sales people.

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