We help employees to

  • Become service excellence ambassadors
  • Develop more resilience and confidence
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deal with challenging situations
  • Prevent conflict
  • Play to their strengths and manage their weaknesses
  • Turn problems into opportunities and deliver service excellence

We are changing lives through helping employees and teams to see and accomplish what they can achieve.

As you know communication and mindset skills are the keys to improving service standards and we can help you do this.

We help employees to

  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen and take notes
  • Make customers feel important


PSL training is more effective

Customer service excellence training

PSL training is challenging

  • Through being challenged people engage and learn more
  • Pitching the challenge at the right level for individuals is something that we excel at
  • Your employees will take away feedback that will help them

We help organisations to

  • Build high performing teams
  • Provide their employees with rules and tools to make their lives and challenges easier
  • Gain competitive advantage through service excellence
  • Make fewer mistakes in the eyes of their customers
  • Reduce operational costs and increase profits

Who do we work with?

All sectors and all levels – founded in 1999 means we have the skills and experience to get impressive results and save you time and money in the process.

PSL training can be

  • Customised to fit your needs and objectives
  • Relevant to your job roles, target markets and products
  • Virtual or face to face at your location

Length of training

  • 1 or 2 day workshops
  • 3-4 hour on-line sessions, customised to your objectives
  • On-demand

We engage and inspire people

Through engaging and inspiring people we can enable them to make better decisions and actions.

This is how we can help you to develop your team and improve your customer service.

PSL training is thoroughly practical and relevant. It delivers what people really need and this is how we have become best in class.

We take a no pressure way of serving our clients, customer and value first is our approach and it works. We operate throughout the UK and globally. This means we can easily adapt to fit the culture in your team and organisation.

Contact us for more information – we are here to help.

We work across all sectors, including healthcare and education.