All of our training is available on-line

What do we offer?

PSL specialises in tailored training.

We offer practical ways of building high performing teams.

Our approach is to listen, ask the right questions and work with clients. This isn’t something we just say, it’s what we really do.

Development areas we focus on include:

Customer Service, Leadership and Management, Negotiation Skills and Sales

We also offer complementary training that combines a blended mix of these capabilities, based on your priorities.

PSL definitely benefits our business. They go the extra mile to understand our different businesses and to deliver training that has helped us to invest strategically in our people and grow our business.

— Honeywell   

How do we do it?

Understand your requirements and the business case you need.

Demonstrate value.

Build the training to fit your business and goals (and involve you in the process).

Make the training relevant and rewarding. Don’t try to please everyone.

Use stories to make the training real and relatable.

Share simple, effective tools including MMFI, QLS, DDT, the stop-think-go traffic light system and process models of best practice that are most relevant to your desired learning and development outcomes.

Give you valuable insights about your people. Work to maximise (your) return on investment and personal satisfaction from a job well done – no matter how small or large your project.

Training for many cultures


Deliver your objectives


Create real value


Help people and companies grow


Keep learning and improving