Tools to win more and better sales.

Having better tools with the skills to use them is a certain way to add value for your sales team and your customers.

Tools to help at every stage of the sales process:

  • Appealing to the needs of different customers, roles and organisations.
  • Creating new opportunities with existing and new customers.
  • Overcoming competitive external and internal threats.
  • Positioning to gain competitive advantage.
  • Protecting your profit margin.
  • Demonstrating value.

We provide entry level, foundation, intermediate and advanced sales skills training. We also provide training for job roles that can influence customer decisions (to buy or not to buy).

Being better prepared:

Creating A Mindset To Succeed

From how to start your day to how to maintain a helpful mindset when challenged.

Building Trust

Understanding how empathy and rapport build trust.

Understanding Customer Needs

Their known and unknown needs. How to ask questions that reveal needs and open minds.

Effective Communication

From reading body language to effective verbal and written communication styles. Communicate clearly, persuasively and confidently with customers. This includes active listening to understand customer needs and concerns, asking the right questions, presenting the value proposition of products or services at the right time and in a way that fits your customer.

Taking Notes

Improve how you capture key information quickly, such as specific requirements, valuable intelligence, insights and action items. Notes demonstrate a genuine interest in understanding customer needs and concerns, which can help build rapport and trust.

Ensure that nothing important is overlooked or forgotten. Notes serve as the best reference point for follow up with customers or colleagues.

Resilience and Persistence

Sales requires resilience and persistence in the face of rejection and setbacks. Successful sales professionals possess a positive attitude, tenacity and the ability to bounce back from rejection to continue pursuing opportunities.

PSL courses incorporate practical exercises, case studies, and real-world applications to make the training beneficial and measurable.

Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to think critically, overcome objections and find creative solutions to customer needs is vital for success.

Relationship Building

Building rapport, establishing trust and nurturing ongoing relationships to foster customer loyalty and repeat business.

Honesty and Integrity

Maintaining honesty and integrity is essential for building trust and credibility with customers. It can also be a trigger that needs managing to prevent us from saying the wrong things (for the right reasons), to help us to listen, ask better questions and learn what is most important for our customers or clients.

Proposals and Quotations

How to make these more competitive and compelling for your customers.


Learn how to compare value and cost. Stop giving away discount that you do not need to.

Discounting can be helpful. If it is used carelessly it can undermine the value that customers will ultimately gain and the growth of your business.

Time Management

How to optimise your time, performance and life. This includes setting goals, planning activities, and efficiently allocating resources to time in order to achieve or exceed sales targets. Use DDT (day, date, time) to build commitment and trust.

People Skills

Understanding the mind and how to get the best out of yourself and others.

Hard and Soft Selling

Hard selling is primarily focused on pushing the product or service onto the customer, regardless of whether it truly meets their requirements or provides value to them. Learn how to use a softer more considerate, customer-centric approach to sales, focusing on understanding and addressing the needs of the customer.

Decision Making

Gain insights that will help you to understand how customers really make decisions. Understand the power of imagination, fantasy and logic and how these apply to decision making.

By developing and practicing with these skills and qualities, sales professionals can increase their effectiveness, build strong relationships with customers, and achieve success.

Objection Handling

Learn how to address common objections. How to build bridges that help your customers to get to where they want to go - through using your products or services.

Closing Techniques

Trying to convince customers to move forward with the transaction is a sign that their needs and objectives have not been understood. Learn how to use intelligent closing techniques that make customers feel certainty, a sense of being valued and in control.

Negotiating Successful Outcomes

Understanding fundamental negotiation skills.

What you will take away:

Structure, better skills and tools that will help you gain competitive advantage.

More examples:

  • Sales Pipeline Management: How to use this as a tool to enable your success.
  • Planning for success: How to maximise your productivity.
  • Creating Value: How to use your sales pipeline to demonstrate the value you care creating.
  • Prospecting: Identifying potential leads and initiating contact to gain entry.
  • Performing under pressure: Mind traps to watch out for and how to manage them.
  • Relationship Selling: Developing and using your network for enabling sales growth.
  • Change Management: Using the triangle of to change to help you and others to make good decisions.
  • Presentation Skills: How to deliver authentic and compelling presentations.
  • Authenticity: Being yourself and learning how to adapt to work with people not like you.
  • Negotiating Complex Projects: How to lead others and influence collective decisions.
  • Understanding Different Selling Approaches: Consultative selling, story telling, solution architect…
  • Consultative Selling: Becoming a trusted advisor by understanding and solving customer problems.
  • Complex Sales Processes: Handling longer, more complex sales cycles.
  • Key Account Management: Handling and nurturing key accounts.
  • Enterprise Sales: Managing sales in large corporate environments.
  • Solution Selling: Providing tailored solutions to address specific customer needs.
  • Networking: Building and leveraging professional networks for sales opportunities.
  • Executive Presence: being able to perform when working with 'C' suite and other senior leaders.
What you will take away:

Structure, skills and tools to help you create and demonstrate more value for your customers and to position yourself and your business for success.

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Key information about our training

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“PSL definitely benefits our business. They go the extra mile to understand our different businesses and to deliver training that has helped us to invest strategically in our people and grow our business.”

Richard Webb

Director of Field Services, Honeywell

What makes us different?

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Proven Track Record

With a track record of success, PSL has empowered thousands of employees to become customer service masters. Our programs are designed to deliver tangible results and enhance customer satisfaction.

Achieving Your Objectives

Some use training as a defensive way to protect their brand, some use it to drive growth and some to support and motivate their employees. What is that you want to achieve? We can help you.

Tailored Solutions

Our training programs are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your team, your industry, business or organisation.

Expert Trainers

Boredom is the enemy of learning. Our courses are interactive, and memorable. Expect dynamic workshops, group activities, and real-life simulations that make learning enjoyable.


We operate in all time zones. Our experience also means we can make training relevant for your culture and local requirements.

Flexible Training Formats

We understand the importance of flexibility. Choose from in-person workshops, virtual training sessions, or a blend of both to accommodate your team’s schedules.

Customisable Modules

Our modular training approach allows you to customise programs based on your specific goals.

Continuous Improvement

The business landscape is ever-evolving, and so is customer service. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that our training content is regularly updated to provide best practices that are needed today.

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Some of the questions we receive.

How much does it cost?

PSL training courses start from £3750 for a team.

Do you run open public courses?

We do not run public courses. Everything we do is designed to fit your objectives

What is your minimum and maximum number of delegates?

Typically this would be 4 or more and there is no maximum. Having said this maximum numbers of delegates is influenced by what you want to achieve.

How do you charge?

We provide a fixed fee. The only factors that may change are accommodation and travel.

Why should we buy from PSL?

You should not buy from PSL. This is because we will not be selling to you. We will be working for you.

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