Measuring and evaluating training

The value of training.

The best way to see the value of training is to join in with it yourself.

When managers participate in the training and share in the process they encourage their people to go further, ultimately leading by example.

This is very powerful.

How do we do it?

  • Understand your requirements and the business case you need.
  • Demonstrate value.
  • Build the training to fit your business and goals (and involve you in the process).
  • Make the training relevant and rewarding. Don’t try to please everyone.
  • Use stories to make the training real and relatable.
  • Share simple, effective tools including MMFI, QLS, DDT, the stop-think-go traffic light system and process models of best practice that are most relevant to your desired learning and development outcomes.
  • Give you valuable insights about your people. Work to maximise (your) return on investment and personal satisfaction from a job well done – no matter how small or large your project.

Taking people with us

Involve them and they will go with you.

Learning how to learn and how to speed up the process of learning may be as important as the topic itself.

What it takes to make this work

Preparation and recommendations (this is so important)

  1. Management support and guidance, so that the training fits your business
  2. Excellent communication
  3. Please don’t ‘over-sell’ the training to your employees. When they are surprised by how useful it is they engage better

Making your employees feel invested in

  1. Improving their soft skills (people skills, communication skills, decision making skills, stress management skills etc)
  2. Training they can use outside of work as well
  3. Making them feel valued throughout the experience

Business benefits

PSL specialises in people and process improvement, through consultancy, coaching and training that delivers immediate return on investment.

Training that converts to profit – because it costs time and money.