Welcome to PSL Sales Training

PSL specialise in training that is tailored to fit your needs – demonstrating soft selling skills that deliver highly profitable results.

  • Coaching or training
  • On-site
  • On-line
  • Workshops or day courses
  • Enjoyable and transformational training

Our approach

  1. Trial before you buy
  2. No up-front fees (a value delivery first approach)
  3. Tailor to fit your objectives
  4. Make your people feel  invested in
  5. Achieve the results that you will be able to demonstrate
  6. Remove ask and guarantee results
  7. Deliver massive return on investment in people and profits

Improve your sales team through:

  • Training that fits them and your business
  • Understanding more the psychology of selling and the psychology of buying
  • Creating competitive advantage
  • Increasing the selling strategies that they can use
  • Using soft skills to build more trust and¬†better customer relationships
  • Using soft skills to protect your margin, negotiate, influence and position for success
  • Using sales training or coaching that is designed for your goals and business

Using our 6D approach to growth

About us

We were founded in 1999 and have a track record of success in serving Global Brands, Small and Large organisations.

We offer highly effective training for large and small teams.

  • No up-front fees
  • No hard selling
  • No time wasted

Contact us for more information we are here to help.