Game changing sales training

PSL will give you sales tools and techniques that will increase your sales and transform your capabilities – we guarantee it!

We deliver industry specific sales training that is made relevant, enjoyable and practical, for all levels of ability and experience.

Time wasting

How much of the working day is used for real selling is one of the greatest challenges for all businesses.

Improving the ‘quantity‘ and ‘quality‘ of selling will unlock the potential in your team and drive growth for your business.

The successful sales person has more ability to manage the distractions, to plan (and prepare well) and stay focused on what gets results, building relationships, creating and keeping customers.

Skills building

If you want to give your team a boost we can help with the following skills:

  1. Communication, because understanding more about effective communication is a game changer
  2. Self-confidence and self-control, because this supports (or undermines) how well sales people are received and their level of influence.
  3. Effort and positioning, because these have the greatest impact on what people achieve.

More skills building

  1. Presenting, negotiating and closing the deal, because the right way, with the right people, at the right time, delivers the right outcomes.
  2. Quotations, presentations and proposals, because a more compelling approach can transform the outcome.
  3. Planning, preparation, strategies and tactics, because being better prepared can mean the difference between winning and losing.
  4. Selling in the right way, because adapting to meet the needs of different types of buyer and customer is a critical skill.

People skills

  1. Team-working, because people can achieve more by working together with others.
  2. Relationships, because the quality and quantity of key relationships means building a sustainable business through value added for customers and clients.
  3. People skills, because trust, rapport and empathy skills create competitive advantage more than anything else.

PSL sales training is always tailored to fit our clients objectives – this starts with a conversation. All initial conversations are without charge or obligation.

You can call us on 01952 201966 (+44 (0) 1952 201966) or email us at or by using our contact form.

Our guarantee

  1. You will receive training that has been built for your business and your people.
  2. You will receive the skills and confidence building tools needed.
  3. You will gain a many times return on investment by implementing our training and tools.
  4. Your people will value what we deliver.
  5. We will be prepared and delivering a fully interactive experience.
  6. We will deliver practical, effective tools that your people can use now and your managers can use to keep them practicing.