PSL Sales Training

Will help you learn the psychology of selling, the mindsets, skillsets, and tools you need to consistently sell in ways that get results.

In our interactive sessions you will learn how to

  • Generate referrals
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Build trust and position yourself for success
  • Create positive first and last impressions
  • Involve your customers or clients and create value for them through discussion and addressing their needs first not yours
  • Ask the right questions and listen using QLS
  • Handle questions, pick up on clues, stop when you need to stop and listen when you really need to listen
  • Read between the lines
  • Adapt your sales process and approach to meet the needs and styles of different types of buyer or customer
  • Present or demo in ways that are engaging
  • Design proposals or quotations using structure and design that gets attention and conveys the messages your audience wants to see
  • Prevent slippages and good opportunity losses with anchoring and using DDT
  • Negotiate to protect your margin and your customer’s interests
  • Close – why, how, when and what to say, keeping it simple and customer-focused
  • Use good stress and manage bad stress
  • Perform well under pressure, because real selling is stressful, especially when you are outside your comfort zone
  • Take notes and use them to sell more credibly and effectively
  • Think critically to accurately design solutions and creatively to find more value or turn around challenging situations
  • Manage your time more productively
  • Work for your customers and protect the interests of your business

What you will receive – training that is

  • Customised to fit your needs and objectives
  • Relevant to your job roles, target markets and products
  • At the level of ability needed (foundation to advanced sales training)
  • On-line or at the location that’s easier for you

Length of training

  • 1 or 2 day workshops
  • 3-4 hour on-line sessions, customised to your objectives
  • On-demand

Who should attend

  • Everyone’s in sales in some way and can really benefit from these workshops
  • New to sales people who need the foundations to fast-track their progress
  • Experienced sales people who need a refresher and some new ideas
  • Inside sales
  • Account or territory managers

Contact us for more information and find out how we can help you.