We offer sales training that is specific to your industry and built for your business.

We do not sell off-the-shelf training or a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your people will receive practical tools that they can apply to winning more sales now.

The challenges you may face

Developing a sales team isn’t easy, we understand these challenges – and how to overcome the human and business obstacles that stop improvement, change and growth. This means we can deliver sales training that resonates with your people, makes sense and is practical so that they can apply it now.

Training content

We will tailor our training to fit your needs and the sales roles your people have.

Here are a few examples that may be relevant:

  • Valuable insights about communication
  • Valuable insights about sales
  • Valuable insights about people and how to read situations
  • How to understand and influence customer needs, (problems, ambitions and objectives)
  • How to deliver a compelling value proposition
  • Ho to present persuasively
  • How to stop giving away discount
  • How to close more
  • How to handle objections, deal with resistance, difficult people and situations
  • How to build your value to your customers and clients
  • How to lock out competitors
  • How to negotiate
  • How to persuade, direct and control the sale
  • How to sell to the needs and expectations of different people
  • How to manage your time and be productive
  • How to boost your intelligence and decision making skills, under pressure

Our approach is more consultative, following ways to build more empathy, trust and better relationships with customers.

Our guarantee

  1. You will receive training that has been built for your business and your people.
  2. You will receive the skills and confidence building tools needed.
  3. You will gain a many times return on investment.
  4. Your people will value what we deliver.
  5. We will be prepared and delivering a fully interactive experience.
  6. We will deliver practical, effective tools that your people can use now and your managers can use to keep them practicing.

How do we do it?

  • Understand your requirements and the business case you need.
  • Demonstrate value.
  • Build the training to fit your business and goals (and involve you in the process).
  • Make the training relevant and rewarding. Don’t try to please everyone.
  • Use stories to make the training real and relatable.
  • Give you valuable insights about your people. Work to maximise (your) return on investment and personal satisfaction from a job well done – no matter how small or large your project.


  • Training for one, a few or whole team
  • Flexible ways of learning
  • Workshops and day courses
  • Training on site or at a location of your choice
  • The options to include on-line and follow-up ways of learning
  • Short focused workshops
  • Hybrid courses, including negotiation, sales, management and leadership skills

For more information please get in touch we are here to help.

Call us on +44 (0) 1952 201966 or email us at enquiries@psl-uk.com or by using our contact form.