Who we are

PSL – People, Strategy, Leadership.

Founded by Andrew Griffiths in 1999.

On the journey to where we are today we have done many things to find our place in the world and what we do best.

Our mission

Is to help people and businesses grow.

PSL specialises in people and process improvement, through consultancy, coaching and training that delivers immediate return on investment.

Training that converts to growth and ultimately profit for our clients.

Who do we work for?

Clients who don’t want an off-the-shelf solution, preferring a better training program because it is built for their business.

Leaders that value employees and what they do.

Ambitious manufacturing and technology companies who want competitive advantages and happy customers, through having better trained and performing employees.

Busy people who do not have the time and resources that we can provide.

Our clients include small and global businesses.

Why PSL?

When you have the right people in the right seats and when they operate in alignment with effective strategies and leaders your business becomes more efficient.

We have successfully delivered training for many businesses and organisations. We have trained all over the world.

This increasing experience gives us the ability to deliver more value.

Sometimes we work in Schools (at no charge) to help their senior students to access personal development, stress management and career preparation training that they may otherwise not receive.

Helping people to grow and be better prepared for dealing with the challenges and opportunities ahead is always rewarding, often in the most unexpected of ways.
Andrew Griffiths